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Suspended Ceilings

Suspended ceilings are hung from the main structural ceiling above.

They typically use a metal grid, where ceiling tiles and lighting units are then inserted within the grid system.

Suspended ceilings, sometimes known as ‘drop’ ceilings are widely used in commercial buildings as they allow for cabling, air conditioning, heating and a variety of other services to be hidden above but remain easily accessible for maintenance work. Additional lighting can also easily be incorporated into a suspended ceiling.

Suspended ceilings can greatly improve acoustic absorption, meaning that the space below is quieter and more comfortable to work in – an important consideration in today’s open plan office environment, where background noise levels are generally increasing.

Suspended ceiling materials such as mineral tiles can also improve thermal insulation, keeping the space below warmer, and materials offer varying levels of fire resistance to help meet legislative requirements for different areas within a building.

Suspended ceilings are also a great way to dramatically improve the look of a tired office space.

We can also supply and install a wide range of commercial lighting solutions as well as air conditioning to be incorporated within the suspended ceiling.

Our experienced team will be happy to help and discuss a variety of options suited to your needs.

Do you have an interior project in mind? Why not talk it through with one of our experts on 01256 406680 or fill in the form below.

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